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Construct in the late 1650’s, and running buisness for nearly 300 years, Yoshiwara, the red ligth distict of the old Edo ( Tokyo ) was the place of life and death of thousands of men, women and children.
Nowadays, the area re-labels Senzoku 4-chome, is still in the business of « Mizu shōbai/ 水商売 / water trade « , offering various sexual services over soaplands and other borthels.
It said that the between 1743 and 1801 remains of more 25 000 women from the distict, mostly in their early 20′s, were anonimously dumped at the gates of the Jokanji temple, better know as the « Nage Komi Dera / 投込寺 » , the « Throw-in Temple ».
Red lipstick, hair pins and small feminine touches are still deposited in our days on the cenotaph build in it for the rest of their souls .

So goes the wheel of karma.

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