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The Missing Star of Varna // Bulgaria

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Monolith erected facing the Black Sea, the park monument of the Bulgarian soviet friendship dominates the coastal town of Varna. Like many Monuments erected in Bulgaria between 1946 and 1989 it is too big to be destroyed or rehabilitated lower blows. Abandoned, it is witness of modern Bulgarian society difficulties to cope with the figures of its communist past.

One enters through the breach of a walled to quickly get lost in a maze of corridors abandoned to squatters and pigeons door. A wandering in the darkness that takes you to the heart of the building, a room dominated by a huge star billhook carved to the gray concrete pulpit, here is the lost star of Varna..

Moreover, far from the bustle of the city, under the feet of passers-by, it’s a staircase decorated with mysterious graffiti that takes the most curious visitors to the gates, alas closed, of the traditional secret « bunker » built into the bowels of hill, offering the promise of further exploration in the history of this young democracy …

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