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Buzludzha – RR3 // Bulgaria

Buzludzha – RR3 // Bulgaria

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Hanging clouds of Shipka Pass in the silence of the mountain, the site of Buzludzha deserves its nickname of the « Bulgarian UFO ».
First, there is this unique architecture designed by the architect Gueorguy Stoilov, a weird « flying saucer » made of concrete, that looks straight out of an old science fiction movie from the 50?s. A place some believe to be Illuminati’s temple ..
But the Close Encounters did not stop there, after being slipped through a broken window we discovered the inside of this building built in 1981, the old splendor of a huge auditorium with complexes frescos adorning its circular walls .
Amid a purely communist iconography mingle in complex allegories : futuristic figures and ancient gods of the Balkans’s mythology lighted here and there by the sun filtering throught the cracks which eat slowwly the dome of Buzludzha.
And Above our head , this injonction :
~ Workers of the world. Unite!

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