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Pique-nique au bord du chemin / Пикник на обочине // Ukraine

Pique-nique au bord du chemin / Пикник на обочине // Ukraine



Pripyat: Today silence in what was before the Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster a model city of the communist bloc. Cinemas, clinics, schools, housing and all the facilities that a city of more than 50,000 people could count in the 80s are now left to decay under the action of time and weather. However it is enough for the visitors to listen to the click click of his Geiger counter to realize that behind these monolithic gutted buildings , and the strange tranquility of this city that nature slowly engulfs, are always at work colossal forces .
A silent war is at play here, a war that we have probably already lost.
Located barely to 3 km away from the number 4 reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Pripyat is now the capital of a territory dumb to changing laws, an area such as prophesied by the Strugatsky brothers. The hazards of wind and precipitation have left anarchic radioactivity spots, drawing the contours of a strange world where normality rubs death.