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Golden Gai // Shinjuku

Golden Gai  is a small area of Shinjuku Borough, Tokyo, Japan. It is known for its distinctive and vibrant nightlife. Composed of only six alleys connected by narrow passages just…

Socotra island // Yemen

Socotra island / Yemen In progress

Sing-sing // Papua New Guinea

A Sing-sing is a gathering of a few tribes or villages in Papua New Guinea. People arrive to show their distinct culture, dance and music.

Shavi Niadagi – შავი ნიადაგი // Georgia

“SHAVI NIADAGI – BLACK SOIL ” is a stroll in Chiatura (Georgian: ჭიათურა) a small city in Western Georgia located on the banks of the Qvirila River, 180 kilometers away from the capital, Tbilisi.

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