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I am pleased to be invited by visionquest to exhibit my serie : 38E parallele nord

Hélène Veilleux “strolls” in one of the most closed city in the world: Pyongyang, North Korea ……..
and she gives back postcard images that look like propaganda posters typical of the communist-era , filled with that hostility typical of that architecture designed to belittle the individual and emphasize the strength of the collective.
The power of the state on public spaces, where architecture becomes a political statement; Pyongyang is the example of a “theater” city where every view and every move are designed and built to serve a “fiction state” and where every citizen has a specific role in this authoritarian “theater”.

Not being able to have access to the reality of the country, Hélène Veilleux, decides to concentrate the project of her photographs on a simple idea: what a country decides to show says a lot about what this country wants to hide.
Aided by the toned images through the use of a rosy filter, which gives them a sense of almost exaggerated sweetness, and embellished with clouds that look like cotton candy, these urban landscapes, with no or few people present, make us question what’s behind the long clean boulevards, the great monuments and brand new buildings, the large statues of the always smiling leaders: these are the questions that arise from silent 38E Parallel North.

# FROM 6 october 2016 TO 26 november 2016 2016 – VisionQuesT Contemporary Photography Piazza Invrea 4r, 16123 Gênes – Italia
# https://www.facebook.com/events/178701209203901/
# http://www.visionquest.it/



I am pleased to be part to the upcoming exhibition : TOTALLY LOST 2016 // The visual research of abandoned European Totalitarian architecture

What’s left of the architecture of the Totalitarian Regimes of the 20th century in Europe?
Totally Lost is the project curated by Spazi Indecisi for European Cultural Route ATRIUM that maps the remains of the architectural heritage of Totalitarian Regimes in Europe through photography.
A visual tale that explores these architectural spaces as fragments to be reconnected as “democratic” places.

# 9/18 sept. 2016 – Flori – Italia
# https://www.facebook.com/events/1763545663928509/
# http://www.totallylost.eu/exhibition-italy-september-2016/